To help make things as clear as possible, this page provides a simple, at-a-glance summary of all the things you really need to know about your rental. More details in the Terms and Conditions.



Classiche Rentals is owned and operated by Scuderia Classiche GmbH. This company is also responsible for managing and maintaining all Classiche Rentals vehicles.


Small animals are allowed but must be kept in a transportable carry bag/cage.
Medium to big size animals are not allowed.

Smoking (of any type) is strictly prohibited inside the vehicles.

In the event of non-compliance and subsequent damages, repair charges will apply and are not covered by the insurance.


The minimum age for renting and/or driving a Scuderia Classiche GmbH vehicle is 25 years of age.


All vehicles are insured against third party liability and full risk damage. This includes mechanical damage, with the exception of any damage caused by engine overheating, inappropriate use or misuse of the vehicles.


In the event of any mechanical failure of complete breakdown of the vehicles, the hirer must immediately notify Classiche Rentals and follow instructions regarding the rectification of such defects.


It is forbidden to:

  1. Participate in motor sport events, regularity rallies, track days, vehicle tests, learning drives, skid courses, driving courses, driving on snow and ice or any other high-risk circumstances (unless written permission has been granted by Scuderia Classiche GmbH)
  2. Use automatic car washes
  3. Transport goods or persons in return for payment or as part of any sub-rental
  4. Use a Scuderia Classiche GmbH vehicle to pull, tow or otherwise move any other vehicle
  5. Drive a Scuderia Classiche GmbH vehicle in an overloaded condition, i.e: with number of persons or payload exceeding permissible numbers/weight stated in the vehicle registration document
  6. Carry flammable, explosive, toxic or dangerous substances
  7. Use the vehicle for any criminal or customs contravening activity


Customers may cancel any existing agreement up to 14 days before the first day of rental. Cancellation within this period is free of charge.

If the cancellation is made less than 14 and up to two days before the start of the rental period, 50% of the total rental costs will be charged.

Cancellation within two days of commencement of rental will be charged at 100%.

Any journey not commenced without accepted, prior cancellation is charged in full.

Subject to availability, rebooking is free of charge.

Cancellations must be made by e-mail to:

Failure to provide an original and valid driving license, the deposit amount required or not conform to legal requirements at the start of the rental period, will result in a cancellation at full charge.


In the event of any emergency of breakdown, please contact us on:

+41 78 964 74 00 Scuderia Classiche

117 Police (CH)
118 Firefighter (CH)
144 Ambulance (CH)


Hirer is responsible for the vehicle from time of pick-up to time of return. The car is to be driven with great care and, in particular, specific vehicle descriptions must be observed. In case of flashing warning lights, high water temperature or low oil pressure readings, the car must be immediately stopped in a place where it is safe to do so.

Contact Classiche Rentals.

All traffic regulations must be observed. It is the driver’s responsibility to inform himself/herself of traffic regulations in the country through which he/she is travelling.

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