Classiche Rentals

Is a brand of Scuderia Classiche GmbH who also manages and maintains the vehicle fleet.

Rental contract conclusion

Clients send a non-binding pre booking request, generated on the web portal of Classiche Rentals or by email.

Scuderia Classiche GmbH elaborates the request and sends a pre booking confirmation and payment invite to the client.

When funds are received by Scuderia Classiche GmbH (credit card or bank transfer) a final reservation confirmation is sent to the client. This confirmation is the contract.

Additionally, on the vehicle handover day a 2000.- SFR deposit will be taken, either by credit card or cash. In case of no damages, no fuel required or no late return charges, this deposit will be released shortly after the return of the car. Alternatively, the penalty amounts will automatically be deducted from the deposit.

Additions and amendments to this contract must be made in writing. Scuderia Classiche GmbH reserves the right to withdraw from the contract in case of force majeure.

Contract cancellation

Up to 14 calendar days ahead of the first day of rental the cancelation is free of charge.
If the cancellation is made less than 14 days and up to 2 days before the start of the rental period, 50% of the total rental costs will be charged.
Cancelations from 2 days before the start of the rental period will be charged at 100%.
If the journey is not commenced, without prior accepted cancellation, the full rental costs will be charged.

Rebooking’s, upon availability, are free of charge.

Cancellations must be made by e-mail: rentals@scuderiaclassiche.com

Failing to provide an original and valid driving license, the deposit amount required or not conform to legal requirements at the start of the rental period, will result in a cancelation at full charge.

Insurance cover

All vehicles are insured against third party liability and full risk damage. This includes mechanical damages, except of any damages caused by engine overheating, inappropriate or miss use. The insurance excess is of 2000.- SFR. Failing to provide a 2000.- SFR deposit at the start of the rental period will result in a cancelation of the contract.

Driving license, minimum age

The driver (s) must hold a valid driver’s license, this must be shown in original form at the moment of the car handover. Failing to provide the original license will result in a cancelation of the contract.
The minimum age for renting and driving a Scuderia Classiche GmbH vehicle is 25 years.

Vehicle handover and return

The car will be handed over to the client in an operationally safe and clean condition with a full tank of fuel. The vehicle must be returned to the location and time as agreed at the moment of booking. Unless the no fuelling option is booked, the tank must be full on return.
Any refuelling by Scuderia Classiche GmbH will be charged at a flat rate of 20.- SFR plus fuel.

The vehicle must be returned fully operational and reasonably clean. Any damage must be reported at latest at the time of return.

In the event of late return, an additional rental day will be charged per day of delay. Costs due to loss of subsequent rentals will also be charged to the driver returning the vehicle late.

Code of conduct

The hirer is responsible for the vehicle from the time of pick-up until the time of return. The car is to be driven with great care and in particular, the specific vehicle descriptions must be observed. In case of flashing warning lights, high water temperature or low oil pressure gauge readings the car must be immediately stopped in a place where it’s safe to do so and contact Classiche rentals.
Regular checks of the oil and water levels as well as the tyre pressures are required when driving more than 500 kilometres. He/she must observe all traffic regulations and carefully inform himself/herself about the traffic regulations of the countries he/she is travelling through with the vehicle.

Tolls, parking, fines

Any cost generated by unpaid tolls, parking, fines and any other cause, will be recharged in full to the hirer inclusive of an administrational charge of 200.- SFR.

In case of defects

The hirer must immediately notify Scuderia Classiche GmbH of any defects that he/she is unable to rectify himself/herself and follow the instructions regarding the rectification of defects. For expenses in connection with defects (such as engine oil, spare parts, repair costs), a cost approval from Scuderia Classiche GmbH is required in advance. Expenses incurred within the scope of a cost approval will be reimbursed to the hirer on return of the rental object on presentation of the relevant receipts. Repairs carried out by the hirer are only permitted in consultation with Scuderia Classiche GmbH.

Prohibited Uses

It is forbidden to:

  1. participate in motor sport events, regularity rallies, track days, vehicle tests, learning drives, skidding courses, driving courses, driving on snow and ice or any other high risk circumstances. (unless written permission has been granted by Scuderia Classiche GmbH)
  2. use automatic car washes
  3. transport of goods or persons against payment or subletting
  4. pull, tow or otherwise move another vehicle
  5. drive in an overloaded condition, i.e., with a number of persons or a payload exceeding the values stated in the vehicle registration document
  6. carry flammable, explosive, toxic or dangerous substances
  7. use the vehicle for any criminal or customs offences

Pets / Smoking

Small animals are allowed but must be kept in a transportable carry bag/cage.
Medium to big size animals are not allowed.
Smoking (of any type) is strictly prohibited inside the vehicles.
In the event of non-compliance and subsequent damages, repair charges will apply and are not covered by the insurance.

Exceptions to restrictions

All possible exceptions to these usage regulations require the approval of the Scuderia Classiche GmbH management.

Use of the vehicle is permitted in the following countries
Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg.
Use of the vehicle in countries other than those mentioned above must be clarified in detail with Scuderia Classiche GmbH.

Replacement vehicle

The vehicle fleet is subject to change at any time. We will try to take existing bookings into account as far as possible. The rental conditions can be adjusted by Scuderia Classiche GmbH at any time.
If the reserved vehicle is not available to a customer for proper use at the start of the contract (e.g. due to late return of the vehicle, breakdown, accident, etc.), the rental price will be refunded. If desired, another vehicle can also be made available, subject to possibility and availability. If the customer opts for a vehicle of a lower category, the rental price will be reduced accordingly. No further claims can be made.

Liability of the renter

The hirer is not liable for defects which occur during normal use.

The hirer is liable for all damage caused by him/her which Scuderia Classiche GmbH incurs as a result of actions by the hirer or his/her assistants which are unlawful, contrary to the contract or careless, in particular for all defects or damage to the rented property for which he/she is responsible.
This includes in particular, but not exclusively, damage caused by refueling with the wrong fuel, non-observance of the maximum heights for garage entrances.
By careless handling of the vehicle interior (especially cigarette holes, tears and stains on upholstery and carpets), driving off the road and generally careless handling (in particular damage to the underbody such as steering, gearbox, suspension, suspension damage as well as damage to axle parts, sill, oil sump, pipes, exhaust system, shielding plates and covers) incorrect manipulation of vehicles (mechanical damage to clutch, gearbox, suspension, etc., incorrect handling of convertible tops (in particular failure to close the top in rain, wind, etc.).

The scope of liability includes the repair costs or the vehicle replacement value in the event of total loss as well as further damage, such as towing costs, costs of an expert opinion, reduction in value of the rental object, loss of rental income, lawyer’s fees, administration fees.

If fines or penalties are incurred in connection with the use of the vehicle for which Scuderia Classiche GmbH is liable, the hirer must reimburse the corresponding amount plus administration fees. Fines and penalties incurred due to the fault of Scuderia Classiche GmbH are excluded.

In the event of offences against the Road Traffic Act in Switzerland and abroad, the renter authorizes Scuderia Classiche GmbH to hand over the contract data to all official authorities in Switzerland and abroad.
The exemption from liability does not apply to damage caused when the vehicle is used by an unauthorized driver or for a prohibited purpose, in the event of a hit-and-run accident by the hirer and in the event of willful or grossly negligent causation of damage in accordance with the SVG, in particular as a result of overtiredness, alcohol- or drug-induced impaired driving and damage caused by the load. Any exemption from liability of the hirer by the lessor is only valid if it is made in writing.

Liability of Scuderia Classiche GmbH

Scuderia Classiche GmbH shall be liable for damage to the hirer caused by a defect in the vehicle in accordance with the requirements of Art. 259a and 259e of the Swiss Code of Obligations, insofar as liability is not otherwise regulated by an individual agreement. In all other respects, all contractual and non-contractual liability on the part of Scuderia Classiche GmbH towards the hirer and any other persons entitled under the contract is excluded, insofar as Scuderia Classiche GmbH has not caused the damage intentionally or through gross negligence. Scuderia Classiche GmbH is not liable for damage caused by its auxiliary persons.

Behaviour in case of breakdown, accident and special events

In the case of events such as accidents, theft, loss, fire and any other damage, the hirer must immediately inform the police and have a police report drawn up. This also applies to self-inflicted accidents without the involvement of third parties.
Simultaneously Scuderia Cassiche GmbH must also be immediately notified.

The hirer must immediately draw up a detailed written report, including a sketch. In the event of an accident, the report must contain in particular the names and addresses of the persons involved and any witnesses, as well as the registration numbers of the vehicles involved.
For this purpose, the European accident report form, which can be found in every vehicle folder, is to be used. In the event of theft, the vehicle keys, a report on the circumstances of the theft and the police report must be submitted to Scuderia Classiche GmbH within 24 hours. The renter must grant Scuderia Classiche GmbH complete access to the files.

If any of the vehicle indication systems show high temperature (water and/or oil), low oil pressure or any warning light is illuminated the vehicle must be stopped safely and immediately, and Scuderia Classiche GmbH contacted for further instructions.

Data protection clause

All Scuderia Classiche GmbH vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracking system. The acquired information (speed, position) can be used in case of road law offence, theft or any other safety relevant matter. Customer data is used exclusively for and by Scuderia Classiche GmbH and is not made available to third parties unless required by police and governing authorities.

Salvatory clause

Should a provision of this contract or the contents of an enclosure integrated into this contract be or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the rest of the contract. The contracting parties shall replace the invalid provision by a valid provision which comes as close as possible to the intended economic purpose of the invalid provision as well as to the originally agreed contractual balance. The same shall also apply to any loopholes in the contract.

Final provisions

Scuderia Classiche GmbH is entitled to unilaterally amend these GTC, as well as the rates and fees, and all other generally applicable provisions of Scuderia Classiche GmbH at any time.

Applicable law / place of jurisdiction

This contract is subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Lugano.